Burberry CCTV guidelines

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (the “PIPA”), CCTV is used in open areas on Burberry’s store floors for the following purposes:

  • to ensure the safety and security of our employees and our customers;
  • to ensure the security of Burberry’s premises, equipment and merchandise;
  • to deter, prevent and detect crime;
  • to assist in the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of individuals who commit acts of criminality; and
  • to ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements (including, without limitation, data protection and health and safety legislation).

CCTV camera positioning and signage

CCTV cameras are positioned to capture Burberry’s premises and not areas which are not intended to be the subject of surveillance, such as any neighbouring premises.

Prominent signs are in place in all of our premises where CCTV is operational in order that our employees and our customers are aware that they are in an area where CCTV is operating.

For more information on the number, range, filming hours and location of CCTV cameras, please click here.

Retention of images

We will not hold or store CCTV images longer than for specified retention periods, or as otherwise required by local law, and will automatically securely destroy images as soon as practicable.

For more information on the retention periods for CCTV images, please click here.

Access to images

Access to images recorded on CCTV will be restricted and controlled to ensure consistency with the purpose(s) for which such images are retained and so that the rights of the individuals are protected. Monitors capturing images of our employees and our customers and all other CCTV footage will be housed in secure, areas accessible only by authorised users.

Technical, Managerial and Physical Measures for Protection of CCTV information

Burberry takes the security of CCTV information seriously and puts in place appropriate measures, including the following, to protect CCTV images:

  • images are stored securely (kept in a safe place equipped by a locking device) and access restricted to authorised persons only;
  • an internal management plan has been established and executed for the safe processing of CCTV information;
  • measures to encrypt CCTV information in order to safely preserve and transmit it have been implemented; and
  • unauthorized persons are prevented from accessing CCTV information, to prevent any unauthorised use or alteration of CCTV images.

Public rights of access

CCTV is controlled by Burberry Korea Limited. For further information, please contact Burberry’s Asset & Profit Protection Department at the address below.

Individuals have the right to access personal information about themselves, and this includes CCTV data. Requests may submitted in writing to:

Data Controller: Reference ‘CCTV data request’
Asset & Profit Protection Department
Burberry Korea Limited
Company Number: 247212
5F 90-19 Cheongdam-Dong

Upon receiving a request to access CCTV data, we will, unless such request is reasonably refused, provide a copy of the requested CCTV images within 10 days, in accordance with applicable laws.