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How do I create a gift?

You can create a gift by browsing to one of the selected products featuring the 4Gift button on Select the button "Send using 4Gift" to start the gift creation process which will then require you to either sign in, or register for a 4Gift account or proceed as a guest.

What type of information do I need to send a gift?

You only need the gift recipient's name and email address. The gift recipient will input all the relevant information at the time of claiming for their gift. If you are creating a group gift, you will need the email address, Facebook or WhatsApp details of the other contributors in order to share a link to the group gift.

How will the gift recipient be informed about the gift?

Once the total amount required for the gift has been provided, the gift recipient will receive an email from 4Gift notifying them of the gift. This email will be sent on the date selected by the gifter or lead contributor in the case of a group gift.

How do I create a group gift with multiple contributors?

You can create a group gift by choosing one of the selected products featuring the 4Gift button on Once you are on the 4Gift platform, you will be able to select the number of individuals that will be contributing to the group gift. The individual creating the group gift is referred to as the "lead contributor" in these FAQs.

If the gift recipient wishes to change their gift during the gift claiming process, is there anything that needs to be done on the Gifter’s side?

If the gift recipient wishes to change their gift during the gift claiming process, a notification email will be sent by 4Gift to the Gifter or Lead Contributor. At this point, there is a 24 hour timeframe in which the Gifter or Lead Contributor can choose to reject the change. If the Gifter or Lead Contributor do not send an email to 4Gift rejecting this change, the change will be automatically accepted.

What are the delivery options?

The gift recipient can have the gift delivered to their chosen delivery address in the US.

Can the gift recipient return or exchange a gift?

It is not possible to exchange a gift. If the gift recipient wishes to return a gift, they can do so in accordance with Burberry's Returns & Cancellations Policy. After the return is processed by Burberry, the original payment method(s) used by the gifter or contributor(s) (as applicable) will be refunded by 4Gift. During the gift claiming process, if the gift recipient wishes to swap the gift for a different Burberry product, they can do so by choosing a different colour and/or size of the same product, or even select a different product of the same or higher value, subject to availability on the 4Gift platform. Additional sales taxes may be payable by the gift recipient if they choose an alternative Burberry product. In addition, if the gift recipient chooses a product of a higher value, they will need to pay for the difference in the price between the original product selected as a gift and the final product they have chosen, as well as the full sales tax on the final product.